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STARS Pediatric Therapy Center of Staten Island

STARS (Specialized Therapeutic and Recreational Services) is a private physical therapy practice offering evaluation and treatment of motor delays and disorders as well as programs to support motor growth and development in children of all ages.

Founded by Dr. Maria Sarabok, licensed physical therapist, to address a growing need in the community for private pediatric therapy services.

Our Mission is to address the physical challenges faced by children and their families by providing high quality, one on one, therapy in a warm, supportive environment. A strong emphasis is placed on enabling and empowering caregivers through direct instruction and collaboration so that children may reach their motor potential.

To help us fulfill our mission, Dr. Sarabok has become Cuevas Medek Excercises (CME) certified. This unique type of physical therapy has proven to be an effective tool in the treatment of many of Dr. Sarabok’s past and current clients. To find out more about CME please visit

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Mar 19 2012
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Why Belly time is important for babies


Years ago, mom’s put their babies to sleep on their bellies. Nowadays, we have been taught to put our babies to sleep on their backs. This makes it even more important to give our little ones belly time during the day. It will help prevent a “flat head”, flattening of the back of the skull […]


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