Why Belly time is important for babies
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Why Belly time is important for babies


Years ago, mom’s put their babies to sleep on their bellies. Nowadays, we have been taught to put our babies to sleep on their backs. This makes it even more important to give our little ones belly time during the day. It will help prevent a “flat head”, flattening of the back of the skull due to increased time spent in one position, and enable them to develop muscles necessary to learn how to roll, sit, crawl and ultimately walk.

Place your baby on their belly, on a soft comfortable mat or blanket. Make sure their neck is strong enough so they can turn to either side or lift their head up to breath. You can place toys in front of them on the floor to play with, dangle toys a few inches off the floor for baby to look up at or even get down on the floor in front of them and encourage baby to look at you. Babies love to look at faces.  Make it fun!  If you find your baby has a hard time tolerating tummy time, try small increments (1-2 minutes if necessary) and build from there. Remember parents, never leave your babies unattended and enjoy every moment!

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