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Is an office visit lasting approximately 1 hour, during which the therapist will gather information, observe and formally test your child’s motor skill level using a standardized test that will determine if there are delays in motor skill development and give an approximate percent delay.

*If Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME) are deemed an appropriate therapeutic method for your child, they will be evaluated using an assessment tool specific to the CME program as well. *

If delays exist, goals for your child will also be formulated by the parent(s) and therapist during this session.

Treatment Sessions:

Is one to one time with you and your child during which various therapeutic methods (strengthening, stretching, therapeutic exercise, Cuevas Medek Exercise, balance training, coordination exercises, motor planning techniques etc.) will be used to address the specific areas of weakness discovered during the evaluation process.

Activities will be tailored to your child’s needs and adjusted/re-assessed on an ongoing basis. Emphasis is placed on parental involvement and parents will be taught and able topractice therapeutic activities to carryover in their own homes. When appropriate, children will be given “homework books” with a sticker/prize reinforcement system.

Treatment sessions are 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

You and your therapist will together formulate the time and frequency that is most beneficial to you and your child.

CME Treatment Session:

Includes everything in a traditional treatment session but will specifically utilize Cuevas Medek Exercises as the primary method of treatment. These sessions may be offered in intensive blocks (several times per week for one to two weeks).

These sessions also utilize an assessment period during which we will determine if treatment method is working for your child.


STARS is proud to offer small group classes for children and workshops for parents.  See flyers below for current activities.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding these unique classes. Please call the office at 718-317-7030 or go to the “contact us” tab and send us an email!



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